• loudspeaker, outdoor, speaker system


    Weatherproof Speaker System

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  • mikropon pinggang , free style megaphone, megaphone

    ER-1000A Series

    Personal PA System

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  • TS-820/TS-920

    TS-820/TS-920 Series

    Infrared Wireless Conference System

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  • ZA-3000D-AS 1

    ZA-3200D-AS 1

    new products

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  • ZS Series

    ZS Series

    ceiling speakers

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  • Z-HA1010-AS


    long range sound coverage

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  • DA Series

    DA Series

    Multichannel Power Amplifier

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  • ZA-2128M PA Amplifier

    ZA-2128M PA Amplifier

    Amplifier 120W

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  • AM-CF1


    The Integrated Audio Collaboration System brings you real-time voice tracking for clearer and better sound quality.

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  • D-5000 Series

    D-5000 Series

    The digital wireless microphone system that delivers your speech clearly and "safely" to the audience.

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  • Always There In Times Of Need

    Always There In Times Of Need

    The sound of footsteps, whirring baggage carousels, general hustle and bustle, yet you are still led out of the terminal safe and quick in an emergency.

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  • Smiles for the Public

    Smiles for the Public

    We bring you not just high-quality equipment but also first-class sound.

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