• mikropon


    Mikropon Leher

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  • ER-1000A


    Mikropon Personal

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  • ZH-5050M-AS


    yang terbaru

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  • loudspeaker, outdoor, speaker system


    Weatherproof Speaker System

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  • TS-820/TS-920

    TS-820/TS-920 Series

    Infrared Wireless Conference System

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  • ZA-3000D-AS 1

    ZA-3200D-AS 1

    new products

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  • ZS Series

    ZS Series

    ceiling speakers

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  • Z-HA1010-AS


    long range sound coverage

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  • DA Series

    DA Series

    Multichannel Power Amplifier

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  • AM-CF1


    The Integrated Audio Collaboration System brings you real-time voice tracking for clearer and better sound quality.

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  • D-5000 Series

    D-5000 Series

    The digital wireless microphone system that delivers your speech clearly and "safely" to the audience.

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  • Smiles for the Public

    Smiles for the Public

    We bring you not just high-quality equipment but also first-class sound.

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