Identifying A Fake Product

Identifying A Fake Product

Stop Using Fake Items!


Customers often unconsciously buy fake products, which designed as TOA products, in the end get bad impressions and experiences from the used of products.

It’s need to know, this fake product is made in such a way as to resemble TOA products, for example from packaging, using a logo very similar to the TOA logo and is only slightly different. Then from the components of the products, the quality of lacking good and not at our standards. Therefore, often the performance of these fake products is not qualify and fail. It could even threaten the user's safety.


It must be considered  that use fake product is high risk of system malfunction and may damage other equipment in the system.


Counterfeit Horn Speaker ZH-615R

TOA Galva Industries factory only produces the ZH-615R horn speaker product as shown in the picture (image on the left), appear, there is only 1 cable connected from the ZH-615R horn speaker driver. While in the picture on the right, appear an additional cable in the speaker horn driver along with an adapter cable, which is usually called the TOA ZH-615R Horn Speaker modification to be active specifically for CCTV. We confirm that the modified products are not produced by the official Toa Galva Industries factory, so we cannot guarantee that if in the future there are problems, and our service center cannot guarantee service and repairs to these modified items. 

Link Authentic TOA ZH-615R.

Counterfeit Diaphragm

There are many fake diaphragm named or similar to brand TOA. Fake product  can be noticed (image on the right - counterfeit 100%) have a logo that almost similar to  TOA logo. From the packaging, we can see that fake goods use the type of font that usually used on TOA product packaging, which may be intended to trick customers into thinking the product is a TOA product and buying it. In terms of diaphragm components, it is also very different from the original TOA product, the material is thin, not neat, not at TOA standards.

Packaging, ZG-30D-A TOA's original has complete information for installation instructions, specifications, model descriptions, production plants, and service guarantees.


Be aware when will buying TOA products. Buy it only from TOA authorized distributors/dealers. If the price is remarkably cheaper, 
try to compare carefully  to the authentic TOA product, it's high likelihood to be a counterfeit.  

If you have any questions about the authentic of your product that you have purchase or intend to purchase, please contact us to verify.
We’re happy to assist you.

Thank you for reading this, we’ll always try our best to help ensure that you’re actually getting an original product  and protect consumers from negative experience.


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