Gaia Cosmo Hotel

Gaia Cosmo Hotel

Gaia Cosmo Hotel, Located in the cosmopolitan center of Indonesia's cultural and artistic heartland of Jogjakarta. Gaia Cosmo Hotel is stylish adn contemporary hub for the modern executive and discerning traveller. 


TOA support background music, public address, and all sound system need.

Delivery information

System/Equipment Z-2352, Z-2852C, SR-L1B, ZP-2240, IP-300D, IP-600D, SR-M3L/R, WM-5270, DM-1300, ZS-648R, ZS-680FC, ZS-1867FC, ZH-615SM, ZS-FB601B, ZS-1030B
Date of installation 2016

Gaia Cosmo Hotel Photos

Gaia Cosmo Hotel

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